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Welcome to My name is Ryan Blanchard, and as the website’s name may suggest, this corner of the web is dedicated to knives and accessories. Why write about knives you may ask. Well, I have a passion for knives which dates back to my childhood. My father used to make knives as a hobby. I, however, never got to that point, but I still hold a special place in my heart for good quality knives. I also enjoy creating website, so here’s, which will present the best knives in the world to you.

Hopefully, you will find some useful information here, which will help you choose the best knife for your specific needs. I will regularly post reviews and top list style of articles, so be sure to come back from time to time to read the new additions to the website.

I will be covering various types knives on my website, so everyone should find what they need here. However it won’t be an instant process as writing these articles and doing the needed research takes a lot of time. Therefore, if you can’t find what you need here, please come back later or shoot me a message via the Contact Us page, and I will try to get to you as soon as possible.

What will you find here?

Well, most of the articles will cover knives that can be found in kitchen. However, I also love hunting and survival types of knives, so in time, I will surely get to them as well.

For starters we will go through the details of a knife type that is a somewhat new addition to western kitchens – the Santoku knife. The Santoku knife is an all purpose knife much like the traditional western chef’s knife. It has somewhat different shape and weight and that’s what makes it so special. Be sure to read my article – best Santoku knives – to learn more about this Japanese gem of knife.

Another section of the website is dedicated to fillet knives which are mostly used for hunting and fishing purposes. However they can be used at home as well, and they come i many different variations and brands. There are even electric fillet knives available to make your life easier. So check that section out!

For the hunters among us, I’ve recently created a long an in-depth article to help choose the best skinning knives.

If you are looking for high quality JA Henckels knife set, then read my guide on how to choose the best JA Henckels knife set.

Apart from these very long guides, I also do reviews of some of the single knife model. You can find those reviews in the Reviews section and the latest reviews can be found also in the right sidebar.

So for now that is all from me. Now go and read some of my articles and be sure to like my site on facebook, if you like it 🙂