Best Knives of Alaska Hunting Knives

Knives of Alaska Cutlery Company was founded in the year 1993. They are popular for their hunting gear and knives. In today’s article, we will try to choose the best Knives of Alaska knife suitable for hunting and skinning.

Knives of Alaska are well known for making affordable knives of top quality. Their knives are made from the best metals and leathers. Their products are specially designed for hunting, fishing, mountain climbing, and similar outdoor activities. These knives are the best companions for those hunters who are self-contained and demanding about the very best gears.

The knives are considered as the personal objects of pride and a precision tool that needs to perform its task efficiently, safely, and reliably each time. The Knives made by the company have led climbers, hunters, and fishermen into the Alaskan bush for many years.

The company promises its clients that the knives manufactured by them are of excellent quality standards that will ensure user satisfaction and pride of possession.

The company warranty policy covers

  • The blade and handle for the damage from material and craftsmanship
  • Damage from regular use
  • The warranty applies as long as the real client owns the product

The warranty does not cover the damage caused as a result of tool abuse. The leather sheath also does not come under the warranty policy. For returning the knives or for sending them back for repair, the client has to fill up the customer return form on the ‘return’ page of the company website and follow the further instructions there.

Best 5 Hunting Knives of Alaska Knives

Let us take a look at the various hunting knives collection of the company

Xtreme Boar Hunter Suregrip

Xtreme Boar Hunter SuregripThis 10-inch long knife has a 5.5-inch long blade made from D2 tool steel blade. The blade features hunters’ non-glare matte finish. These knives ensure deep penetration.

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Magnum Alaskan GH Suregrip

Magnum Alaskan Guthook KnifeThis gut hook knife is perfect for skinning and field dressing. It is of ceramic peened hunters Non-glare finish.

The knife is 7.5 inches long and the D2 stainless steel blade occupies 4.5 inches. The knife weighs 6.2 ounces.

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Suregrip Bush Camp Knife

Suregrip Bush Camp KnifeThese knives are perfect for the big game hunters who opt for a hunting knife with a large skinning radius.

The 6-inch blade is made of drop point style and the finish is ceramic peened hunters Non-glare finish. The blade is manufactured from full tang D2 tool steel.

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Jaeger Boning Knife – Suregrip

Jaeger Boning KnifeThis knife series is named after Jaeger, a bird that looks like a hawk. This is one of the smooth and glossiest of the knives made by the company. These are specially designed for caping and boning.

The knife is 8 ¼ inches long in which the D2 stainless steel blade covers a length of 3 ½ inches. There are nonslip ridges on the back of the knife blade. The finger grooves and the deep front choil ensure a strong grip.

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Elk Hunter Combo

Elk Hunter ComboThe combo includes an elk hunter knife and a cub bear caping knife. These knives are offered for those hunters who opt for a more complete but weightless skinning set.

The elk hunter knife is 21.3cm long with a blade length of 8.3cm. These knives can withstand the roughest abuse and extensive skinning.

The cub bear knife is perfect for caping and skinning purposes. The 7 cm blade is fixed to a black rubberized sure-grip handle.

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For further details about these hunting knives, log on to the company’s official website