Global GF-34-11 inch, 27cm Heavyweight Chef’s Knife Review

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The typical chef’s knife has a blade of about 7 inches long. However, many cooks prefer knives with longer blades for various reasons. And today, we are going to take a look at such a chef’s knife.

Global is a Japanese company that is well known for making high-quality knives. Their focus in the knife business lies mainly in the kitchen knives sector. Most of their knives receive a lot of praise from the customers and I really liked some of their knives as well.

Global GF-34-11 inch, 27cm Heavyweight Chef's Knife, 11 Inch, Silver,GF34
  • 11-inch chef's knife for those who want a heavier knife and longer blade
  • Made in Japan from CROMOVA 18 stainless steel for excellent edge retention and stain resistance
  • Ice tempered and hardened to hold razor sharp edge longer

This knife is a member of the GF family which is designed especially for professional heavy-duty work. These knives are a bit heavier than the G variants, so keep that in mind when choosing a new knife.

Features at Glance

  • 11-inch razor-sharp blade
  • One-piece construction
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Excellent balance
  • Made from Cromova 18 stainless steel

The Blade

The Global GF-34 is a huge chef’s knife. Its blade is 11 inches long which is about 27 centimeters. Given how long the blade is, the knife is an excellent choice for occasions when you plan to cut large pieces of meat and fish or even fruits and vegetables such as pumpkins or watermelons. However, given the price, I would probably not buy such a knife solely for cutting pumpkins once in the year. You really have to appreciate working with long and heavy knives, because it can get tiring quite quickly. I can imagine this being an excellent choice for someone with larger hands.

The knife is of one-piece construction, meaning the transition between the blade to handle is seamless. The GF-34 is made from the Cromova 18 stainless steel which has been designed exclusively for Global knives. The steel provides a good balance between the ability to provide very good edge retention and being easy enough to sharpen. Even though it is stainless steel, you should still take proper care of the knife to avoid staining and rusting.

The blade is overall extremely sharp can hold its edge for quite some time. One thing that might not be liked by some, is that there is not much of a curve to the blade.

The Handle

As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, the handle is a solid part of the knife. There’s no special material on the handle such as plastic or wood. It’s fairly ergonomic and feels nice in hand. Anti-slip properties are provided by little dimples that cover the handle and these are working quite well.

The handle is hollowed and then filled with an appropriate amount of sand to provide the best possible balance to the knife.

Customers’ Thoughts

Overall, the knife receives very positive reviews from the customers.

There have been some concerned voices that claimed the knife is too large and heavy. However, that’s exactly what this knife is meant to be. Therefore, if you prefer lightweight and small knives, don’t even think about purchasing this one.

The happy customers were praising the knife for its razor-sharp blade, which holds its edge for a long time without the need for sharpening. Others have praised the overall good balance of the knife and ergonomics of the handle.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I would say this is a great workhorse of a knife. Especially when the long blade is needed. At other times though I would likely reach out for something smaller. From the perspective of build quality sharpness, there’s nothing wrong with the GF-34 chef’s knife.

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  • Build Quality
  • Edge Retention
  • Ergonomics


A great choice for professional chefs looking for a larger than usual knife

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