Schrade 152OT Old Timer Sharpfinger Review

A hunter needs the right tools to take care of their trophies after they are shot. To skin an animal effectively, a skinning knife is needed because skiing a trophy with a classic hunting knife can damage the hide and make the whole process more difficult. Schrade 152OT Old Timer Sharpfinger is an inexpensive skinning knife that can be the right choice for any hunter out there.

Schrade 152OT Old Timer Sharpfinger

The main selling point of the knife is its price. Many other skinning knife models will cost you more than 100 dollars. This one is on the opposite side of the spectrum. Don’t get yourself fooled by the low price, the Sharpfinger is more than capable of delivering whatever is needed during the skinning process. Even though it is meant primarily to be a skinning knife, it will serve many other functions – it can be used even in the kitchen or as a woodworking knife.

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The Schrade Sharpfinger is a fixed blade knife with overall length of 7.25 inches, making it a medium sized model. The edge will be razor sharp when you order the knife and it will keep for long time without sharpening. The raised handle configuration and thumb concavity will prevent the knife from slipping.

It also comes with a high quality full grain leather sheath which protects the blade and can be attached to one’s belt. What I really like is the fact that Schrade offers limited lifetime warranty.


  • Includes leather sheath
  • Fixed blade knife
  • Full-grain leather sheath
  • 25″ overall length
  • Limited Lifetime warranty

Customer opinions

The Schrade Old Timer Sharpfinger knife enjoys very positive reviews on the web, with majority of the reviewers giving the model four or five star ratings.

Many reviewers are praising Schrade for the simplistic, yet functional design. Another area that is getting heap of praise is the sharpness and excellent ergonomics. Some of the customers go as far away as stating that the knife feels like an extension of their hand.

Some of the customers were worried by the fact that Schrade went bankrupt several years ago and were subsequently bought by another company. This in turn means that theses knives are no longer made in the USA. Instead they are made in China (there is no “Made in China” stamping so don’t worry). I would still say that this didn’t affect the quality much and the Sharpfinger remain an excellent inexpensive skinning knife.


Overall I cannot do anything else but recommend this knife to anyone who is looking for a cheap but exceptionally functional skinning knife. It may not look as good as other fancy models but its beauty is in the simplicity. So this is the end of my Schrade Sharpfinger review and I will be looking forward to see you again in the future!

Click here to see pricing and customer reviews on Amazon!

Schrade Sharpfinger


Excellent choice for anyone on tight budget.